Making a Name for Yourself

Making a Name for Yourself

Features That Can Make Or Break Your Medical Website

by Catherine Barnes

Websites for medical practices can influence whether people decide to make an appointment or go elsewhere for treatment. When it is time to redesign your website, paying attention to certain features can give you an advantage over other practices.

Updated Design

The overall look of your website will leave a lasting impression on visitors. Websites that appear outdated or bland can leave visitors wondering if you are still in practice or do not care about your online presence.

You should routinely have your website evaluated and updated to keep the design fresh. Just because you want a professional appearance does not mean you have to rely on significant white space and generic design principles.

Keep graphics to a minimum, and when you include photographs, avoid stock images. Since stock images are used frequently, it is easy to spot them and can make visitors uneasy about the quality of your practice.


Be clear about your practice and what you offer. When visitors arrive at your website, they should quickly determine your medical specialty, the doctors in your practice, and what services you offer.

Your specialty should be in bold font somewhere on the homepage, which can also help your visibility when people are searching for a doctor. If possible, having a picture of all the doctors at the medical practice on the homepage and a link to their bios makes your practice feel inviting.

One of the menu items on your website should include a list of services so there is no confusion for visitors. Depending on your practice, you may have additional services, such as an on-site lab or portable imaging machines, which should be mentioned.


Visitors to your website will appreciate any time-saving features you can offer. You should have a list of insurances and payment methods you accept. Some specialties, mainly those who perform elective procedures, also provide a list of acceptable providers to finance services.

There are often new patient forms that would be helpful to provide as a printable file or to be submitted electronically, which can save patients time in the waiting room on their initial visit. If possible, consider having a system for all patients to schedule appointments electronically.

The information you provide on your website can help visitors decide whether to call your practice. Some people feel comforted if the website provides information on different diagnoses, tests, and procedures so they can review information before scheduling an appointment and formulate questions before they arrive.

With more people finding their next doctor online, your website may their first impression. Keeping your website updated and personable can help you attract new patients. For more information, contact a business that offers web design services.


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Making a Name for Yourself

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