Making a Name for Yourself

Making a Name for Yourself

Enhancing The Customer Experience In A Digital World

by Catherine Barnes

Digital marketing is all about ensuring a good customer experience so they will stay on your site longer, make more purchases, and return often. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that digital experience is especially important because so many people are shopping from their homes. So how do you ensure that customer experience is the best it can be? It's important to act now because this change may be the new normal, even after the pandemic is over.

Automate The Customer Experience

People are impatient and they hate to wait. Automation helps businesses streamline processes such as marketing, processing customer orders, and shipping to optimize the customer experience, meet their expectations, and build trust.

Automation also helps with communications to manage and follow up with customer interactions. It lets you immediately set up a workflow and route the communication to the correct department to make sure the issue is resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

Self-Service Aids Customer Empowerment

With many physical offices shuttered and large numbers of people staying indoors and working from home, call centers are getting inundated. Customers are getting stuck in long customer call queues, which does nothing to enhance the customer experience. It also prevents customer service reps from helping those who most need to talk to a person.

Customers want low-touch options for each stage of the purchasing journey so they can avoid those long call wait times. Whether making a purchase, checking an order's status, or managing their account, they want options for completing those tasks without going through a call center queue.

Chatbots: Bringing Together Automation And Self-Service

Chatbots are artificial intelligence-powered tools that bring together automation and self-service to help optimize the digital customer experience. They speed up problem resolution and increase operational efficiency. They free up overworked staff for other more hands-on tasks. Chatbots allow customer service people to better help those customers who have complicated questions or are unable to self-serve.

As chatbots become increasingly sophisticated, not only can they answer standard frequently asked questions, they can do so in a manner that is consistent with your company's style. They can ask questions or pull in customer data to make product recommendations and increase sales.

Although all these digital trends have been increasing in use over the past few years, the pandemic has made them imperative if a business wants to survive. A digital marketing company can help you navigate these tricky waters to get to a place where you can provide the best possible customer experience.

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