Making a Name for Yourself

Making a Name for Yourself

How to Successfully Storybrand a Company Website

by Catherine Barnes

You can do a lot of things to your company website to make it better for customers and yourself. One of these tactics is using Storybrand tactics, which is becoming a pretty common practice used by businesses that want to connect more with their customer base. These tips will help you effectively brand your website.

Assess Elements That Aren't Working

Before you can build a successful website, you first need to see what elements are not helping you reach customers in an interactive and meaningful way. You need to be honest when making this assessment too because it's the only way you're going to be able to tell the right stories to customers.

Maybe it's the color scheme you've selected or how much multimedia you include on different pages. If you want an unbiased assessment of your website's current structure as it relates to your brand, then consult with an online marketing company. They can help you fix issues that are really dragging your website down.

Format Website For User-Friendly Transactions

When customers visit your company website, you don't want them to have any chance of getting confused about how they can buy your products or services. You want to make this as simple as possible, guiding them to the correct portals.

Using screen prompts that actually show where customers can check out will help out a lot. They're like a visual aid that will keep your customers on the right path to checking out. Then it's more likely they end up checking out through user-friendly portals you've taken time to refine.

Have Others Tell Compelling Stories 

For customers to really care about your business and subsequently its company website, you need to showcase people that have amazing stories to tell about your company's products or services. These stories are authentic and they state the best things about your company according to customers that have done business with you before. You can put these stories all over your website so that future customers see them and believe they'll have the same sort of stories to experience.

Having a branded website does matter in the age of compelling stories told by companies to get more traffic and sales. The whole idea is making customers care more about what you offer through stories, and you can have a lot of success with these tactics if you take time to refine them through your company website. To learn more, contact companies that provide StoryBrand BrandScript examples. 


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