Making a Name for Yourself

Making a Name for Yourself

Sell More Insurance With Better Marketing Of Your Policies

by Catherine Barnes

Is your insurance business not growing as much as you like? Is business maybe even flat or down compared with previous years? The quickest way to grow any business is not to sell more products or policies to existing customers but to sell to brand new clients, and this is especially true when it comes to the insurance industry. If your insurance agency needs a boost to juice your earnings for the quarter or year, one thing you might want to take a look at is how you are marketing your products or policies. For best results, you should work to make these policies easy to understand and find ways to get the word out about what you offer beyond just your agency website. Here's how hiring an online marketing firm to write up an insurance benefits breakdown can benefit your insurance company.

A Lot of People Find Insurance Confusing But With the Right Marketing, It Doesn't Have to Be

Can you quickly sum up what your insurance products offer in one sentence? Can you make an elevator pitch to anyone, anywhere about what you are selling? If you hesitate before answering those questions, you might need help finding the right words. A marketing firm can help you pull out the top three to five benefits that each of your plans offers and word it in a way that won't cause anyone's eyes to glaze over.

Stop Talking About Copays and Start Talking About Specific Services

When someone who does not have insurance seeks out a new policy, they are likely looking for coverage for a specific reason. Maybe they need coverage for a specific health issue. Maybe they need coverage for a new type of property they are about to acquire or a business they are about to open. When your current breakdown says someone has to pay a 20 percent copay but only after a thousand dollars deductible and then of course don't forget any additional office fees, and are there any exclusions on the base policy that might require a rider and on and on, it can be hard to figure out what is actually covered and what is not. Good marketing for insurance agencies often involves giving a specific example and showing how your specific product would cover it. "Never pay out of pocket for your ADHD medication again." 

Contact an Online Marketer With Insurance Industry Experience Today

Your marketing campaign can focus on key benefits like 100 percent coverage for drug prescriptions, 100 percent coverage for doctor visits or a theft incident on your property, or whatever specific benefit you provide that clearly gives you an advantage over your competition. Yes, you'll still have to go over the finer details like copays eventually, but the right marketing message and insurance breakdown can pull someone in by letting them know you will cover the exact scenario they are thinking about. 

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