Making a Name for Yourself

Making a Name for Yourself

How To Engage Customers Across Today's Scattered Media Landscape

by Catherine Barnes

It's important for you to meet customers where they are in your marketing efforts. However, the modern online media landscape is scattered across websites, apps, and social platforms. Consequently, an omnichannel customer engagement platform is critical to your marketing work. Read on to learn more about what the omnichannel approach is and how you can use it to engage with customers.


An omnichannel engagement platform is a system that allows you to establish a presence in many arenas. This means you'll develop a presence on multiple social media platforms, major websites, key apps, and even smaller niches where your customers reside.

The idea of going omnichannel means you have to juggle a lot of different engagement opportunities. A platform will help you to handle the juggling without creating a disappointing experience for your customers and adjacent audience members.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Wherever your customers are, you need to be able to connect with them. A big part of the omnichannel experience is eliminating platform dependency. Someone shouldn't need to log onto the website if they have the app, for example, just to speak with one of your team members.

Regardless of the customer's preferred platform, they should have a seamless experience that equals what other customers have on other platforms. An omnichannel system will allow them to access the same content and resources others see. Most importantly, they should be able to connect right away from wherever they are and on whatever device they have.

Data Tracking

Notably, a good omnichannel presence will be data-centric. By extension, an omnichannel engagement platform should help you to streamline the collection, analysis, and reporting of data from your efforts.

You want to be able to pull robust statistics from every platform. Likewise, you want to be able to drill down into the data to identify opportunities and inefficiencies. Ideally, you'll be able to identify which messages connect with your target demographics. Similarly, you may notice some unexploited opportunities in previously untargeted segments.


Your team members should also have a seamless experience that allows them to engage customers in all environments. If someone sends them a private message on a social media platform, the team member should be able to see that and interact with them right away. This should happen just as easily whether the customer is using their phone, video game console, or laptop. Also, your team members should be able to move from interaction to interaction without pivoting to a different part of the platform's interface.

For more information, contact a omnichannel engagement platform provider, such as Irio.


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Making a Name for Yourself

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