Making a Name for Yourself

Making a Name for Yourself

The Benefits Of Marketing Your Products Through Local News 12 Media

by Catherine Barnes

As the owner of a new startup, you want to get the word out as quickly and effectively as possible about your new business. You want to start building a loyal customer base so your business has the best chance of surviving.

You also want people to know what kinds of products and services you sell and showcase how your inventory can benefit them. You may get the word out effectively by advertising through local media like News 12.

Broader Reach

When you advertise your new business through local media, you may reach a broader audience than you could through your own website or social media pages. People still watch the local news and turn to local news websites to find out what is going on in their area. They may be more apt to find out about local businesses through a news station or local media company than by doing this research on their own.

An ad that you take out on the local media's website can reach dozens more people each day than your website or social networking pages alone. An over-the-air commercial on TV or the radio likewise may reach the eyes and ears of more people than word-of-mouth advertising alone. You may be able to grow your startup faster and be better with advertising on a local station.


Further, people may regard your startup as more legitimate if they see it advertised on a local news station. They may already trust the brand of the news station with which you choose to buy advertising space and time. When they see your company's commercials aired during news broadcasts, people may regard them more seriously and with more respect than they may if they were to come across ads on social media pages or in local trade magazines and newspapers.

Professional Advice

Finally, when you buy airtime with a local news station, you may get professional advice about what content to put in your commercials. The station might make available its sales team to guide you. You can design and pay for commercials that can generate more traffic to your website or bring in more customers to your business.

Advertising through a local station like News 12 can benefit your new startup. You may reach more customers and get your products and services into the public's awareness. You can also establish legitimacy for and trust in your business and get professional advice about what content to include in your commercials.


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Making a Name for Yourself

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